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Bringing Food to Local Families Affected by COVID-19

Our agency is on a mission to help meet the growing demand for food services in our community due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. By supporting the remarkable work being done by the Second Harvest Food Bank, we are committed to raising awareness and funds for this very worthy cause. We can join forces to […]

Portland Insurance Agency


With the many confusing insurance offers out there competing for your attention, it's only natural that you're feeling frustrated in your search. You’re probably not entirely sure which insurance carrier is best for you... Or what insurance coverage is truly vital to your unique needs.

We are VERY passionate about making insurance SIMPLE and HUMAN, so you can finally TRUST the decisions you make for your LIFE.

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  • Kyle was fantastic to work with! He really went through all of the options and made sure that I understood EVERYTHING. He's very knowledgeable.

    Ashlee Harris

  • I sought Kyle out to see if he could offer me a cheaper rate. After investigating, he found it would be best for me to stay with my current provider. His honesty and integrity was top notch. He could have easily sold me something, but he chose high character over a sale.

    Chris J Bunch

  • It's been over 10 years since our last insurance review, so we asked Kyle to review our auto insurance and check for a better deal on the same coverage. Today we looked at what he had to offer. We're thrilled to note that he found us the same coverage AND added roadside assistance for $400.00 less per year than we had been paying. Thanks a lot Kyle.

    David Golden

  • Kyle has been very helpful at Portland Insurance Agency. Him and his team have been able to shop multiple large name insurance providers to get me the appropriate coverage at the best rate for my home and business needs. I have been with them since I purchased my first car and they have always been fast to respond to any question I have or any claim that is filed. If you are not already covered by Portland Insurance contact them today!

    Matt Gentzer

  • Over the past five years, Kyle Champ has gone above and beyond to provide my wife and I with outstanding service and dependability. Portland Insurance has provided me with quality auto, renter's, and life insurance. Multiple auto claims were both handled in a speedy manner. I now live over an hour and a half away from Portland but still trust Portland Insurance to take care of my insurance needs. Not only do I have the most affordable rates I can find, but I know that we are well covered.

    Nathan Helm


Each time one of your recommended friends receives a quote from us, we'll pay you. That's right - you get rewarded for helping them stay protected and for potentially saving them money, too!

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